Alex Andrews

“Playing music is an essential nutrient for me and I had recently moved back to the Concord area and wanted to be in an orchestra. I had been gigging in a classical/jazz duo and wanted to play more classical music in a larger group. What keeps me coming back is the music, the shared experience of creating music with friendly people who also feel the joy. I’m an early childhood music teacher and paralegal by profession.

The only concert I have missed in all my years was because the concert was the day before my wedding. (Pip gently teased me about it and I considered playing anyway, but in the end I opted for a more relaxed schedule!) I missed orchestra so much that I returned to playing 5 days after having my first child, Edj. He and his brother Buren sometimes help out in the percussion section and my husband often handles the lights at our concerts.

My favorite works have been the Brahms symphonies, Schubert Unfinished, It is a lot of fun to play “out of the box” pieces, too, like Classical Gas and William Nicholson compositions “