Kaelyn Beaudette

“I started playing cello in 3rd grade (per my parent’s rule that my brothers and I pick an instrument to play through high school). I faithfully stuck with it, even taking some private lessons and playing in my college’s orchestra for a year. Since that time during and after college I would play with my church’s band, some friends’ weddings, and at both of my grandma’s memorial services. As much as I loved being involved in those ways, I still missed the classical music and community that came with being in an orchestra. Someone at my job told me about LSCO and I reached out…officially joining the fall of 2021. I’m a registered nurse and I work in a dental operating room at a children’s hospital, and even though orchestra practice runs into my bedtime and I’m exhausted, it’s worth it! My favorite part is our concert days where we get to show off all our hard work!”