Meagan Wehlihan

Violinist and music educator Meagan Whelihan first joined the LSCO as a freshman at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School in 1987 and continued through all four years in high school. In her own words: “After college, where I studied music, and living in another part of the country, I returned to MetroWest with my husband and re-joined the orchestra in 2001.

I came back because of my fond memories of rehearsing and performing under conductor Pip Moss, and the wonderful people who play in the group. I had loved carpooling with my LSRHS classmates — Melanie Ellsworth (clarinet), Kristy Ragones (clarinet), Nicola Sykes (flute), all class of ’91 — and my younger sister.

Other family members in the LSCO were Ryan Williamson (cello, class of ’99), Heidi Williamson (oboe, class of ’93), and Christi Williamson (cello, our mother). I am working on recruiting my bassist son to the orchestra!”