Member stories

Violinist Steven Sewall is a VIP founding member of the LSCO. “Being a part of this group has greatly enriched my life.” Read full story

Oboist Jeff Paster “This is an amazing organization and wonderful musical experience.” Read full story

Flutist Alex Andrews joined LSCO in 1990 –33 years ago, and has been the librarian all that time. “What keeps me coming back is the music, the shared experience of creating music with friendly people who also feel the joy.” Read full story

Cellist Kaelyn Beaudette “My favorite part is our concert days where we get to show off all our hard work!” Read full story

Violinist Meagan Wehlihan “I came back because of my fond memories of rehearsing and performing under conductor Pip Moss, and the wonderful people who play in the groupRead full story

Timpanist Dave McLellan “The opportunity to play professional scores in an orchestra … was a really great opportunity”

Cellist Rhoda Phillips “I continue to enjoy and support LSCO because of the people/musicians, mission, challenging and interesting repertoire, and quality of conductors.” Read full story

Trumpeter Sally McInnisI enjoy the professionalism and personalities of the conductors since I’ve been there, and the frequency of rehearsals and concerts works well for me.Read full story.

Bassoonist Erik Mollo Cristensen “My best memories are of the time when the orchestra was half adults and half students. There were quite a few parent-child combinations playing, including me and my son David, who usually played first chair ahead of me.” Read full story.