Sally McInnes

Trumpeter Sally McInnis, an audio producer for a language learning product, is a well-known name in trumpet circles the Metrowest area.  She joined LSCO in 2017.  Sally tells her story:

“I had been playing regularly in Symphony Pro Musica for 25 years and I wanted a change.  My friend Barbara Hall-Siktberg told me about LSCO and that I might enjoy it.  I jumped right in on second trumpet, playing next to Barb.  It was just what I wanted! 

I enjoy the professionalism and personalities of the conductors since I’ve been there, and the frequency of rehearsals and concerts works well for me.  The repertoire has been good, and it’s great to have a resident composer [Managing Director William Nicholson] as well. I’m enjoying Appalachian Spring, and recent favorites are the Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3, and Nick Nicholson’s Tarantella. “